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InvOn is a Robotic Process Automation solution that uses artificial intelligence to automate invoice processing. Processes the invoices received on paper, as pdfs, sent through the portal or email, regardless of the number of pages, the number of invoice lines or their form. Immediate integration with ERP, DMS, ECM, etc. creates highly efficient workflows, which provide companies with essential and well-structured information.

  • You save time and money
  • Speed ​​and accuracy in automatic invoice processing
  • Simple and easy to use. You learn to use the program in less than 1 hour.
  • Contains an intelligent recognition server capable of interpreting in real time the relevant information and fields in an invoice.
  • A very precise application that eliminates data entry errors by up to 95%

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Process invoices in 3 simple steps


Gather all your invoices (from the cloud, email or paper) in one folder


Click on OpenAllInvoices, some invoices require the creation of a template


Click on SendtoERP to export invoices to ERP or the accounting program

The invoice automation process begins with character recognition (OCR) technology. Paper invoices are scanned and digitized, and electronic invoices (PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, etc.) are ready for immediate interpretation. The capture solution reads and interprets all types of invoices, regardless of appearance or number of pages.

After capturing the invoice data, the validation process begins. During validation, the captured invoice information is verified for correctness, in accordance with the invoice rules. Incorrect data goes through an automatic correction process, resulting in improved data accuracy.

Data with errors, after the automatic correction process, are signaled to the user for manual correction. It can perform simple and easy correction operations in the program interface. Once the data has been corrected, it is ready to be sent to the ERP, DMS, ECM or accounting program.

After validation and correction, automatically or manually, the data is automatically transmitted to the ERP or accounting program through specific interfaces.

      With the help of the InvOn OCR program developed by DigiSinergy SRL we managed to implement an integrated and efficient workflow in terms of automatic download and upload of pdf documents (purchase invoices and sales invoices) in the InvON OCR program, reading information in automatically from these and export the file for import into ERP accounting. An important advantage of InvON is that it can read information from both native pdf documents and scanned pdf documents with lower scan quality, or even image files. I mention the fact that during the last project implemented within our accounting company, the DigiSinergy SRL team proved to be responsible and professional, being fully respected the contractual conditions. We were pleasantly impressed by the availability, flexibility and professionalism with which they approached each stage in the implementation of the project. The support provided was in identifying errors in loading or reading pdf documents and quickly adapting the InvON OCR program to our needs. We will continue to use the services offered for the implementation and development of other projects related to automation / digitization. We recommend DigiSinergy SRL and other companies for identifying and implementing optimal and innovative solutions for companies.

Simona Sorohan - Up Accounting