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ProcessOn is a hyperautomation solution that automates complex processes, integrating new technologies such as: RPA, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. ProcessOn integrates pre-existing solutions (InvOn, BankOn, CashOn, etc.) together with customized solutions resulting in a complex application with a high degree of automation.

  • You save time and money
  • Speed, precision and security in business processes
  • Customized according to your needs
  • You automate complex processes

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3 examples of Hyperautomation


Orders from the supplier

Orders from the online store are analyzed and if there is no merchandise in stock, the order is placed with the supplier.


Payment of approved invoices

Bills payment is made automatically on the due date. If there are cash flow problems, they are signaled 7-10 days in advance.


Vendor invoice processing

Invoices sent by suppliers by email are automatically taken over, the accounting accounts are added and sent automatically to the accounting program.

Description of a hyperautomation flow

Document processing flow

The document is automatically retrieved from various sources such as email, document folder, SharePoint, Cloud, other applications, etc. This document may contain semi-structured or unstructured data. Most applications process invoices, but you can also process other documents such as: bank statements, orders, shipping notices, etc.

The document is processed by a family of robots. An RPA-type robot is used to identify the data in the document, which tracks the user's actions and records the fields that the user wants to retrieve from the document.

Once the rules are learned, the robot fully assumes the work of taking over the fields. Another robot follows the user and learns how to add certain fields, which do not exist in the document, and based on Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML) takes over from the user the task of adding these fields. These fields can be accounting accounts, cost centers, trade surcharge, etc.

Data that can be read automatically are validated either by rules or by ML models. For example, invoices are validated to respect the consistency of the values ​​in the invoice. Based on ML or rules, the robot automatically corrects the invoice or learns for the next invoices.

Validated data is enriched by database searches or ML models.

For example:

  • The cost center can be added to the invoice based on the company's historical transactions
  • The VAT code can be extracted from public databases
  • The exchange rate can be extracted from public databases

If, following the process, verified on the basis of the rules and the ML, the document has errors, it is put on hold and the operator is informed about the need to intervene on the document.

Validated documents (automatic or operator) are transmitted to the registration system (for example, ERP).

      With the help of the InvOn OCR program developed by DigiSinergy SRL we managed to implement an integrated and efficient workflow in terms of automatic download and upload of pdf documents (purchase invoices and sales invoices) in the InvON OCR program, reading information in automatically from these and export the file for import into ERP accounting. An important advantage of InvON is that it can read information from both native pdf documents and scanned pdf documents with lower scan quality, or even image files. I mention the fact that during the last project implemented within our accounting company, the DigiSinergy SRL team proved to be responsible and professional, being fully respected the contractual conditions. We were pleasantly impressed by the availability, flexibility and professionalism with which they approached each stage in the implementation of the project. The support provided was in identifying errors in loading or reading pdf documents and quickly adapting the InvON OCR program to our needs. We will continue to use the services offered for the implementation and development of other projects related to automation / digitization. We recommend DigiSinergy SRL and other companies for identifying and implementing optimal and innovative solutions for companies.

Simona Sorohan - Up Accounting