InvOn - The application that helps you digitalize your business and reduce costs!

It's a Robotic Process Automation solution that uses Artificial Intelligence for the automated processing of invoices.

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What InvOn does

Automatically processes 65% of supplier invoices without errors

Eliminates data entry errors

Processes over 600 invoices per hour

Does not require manual intervention (no templates, robots, etc.)

Reduces invoice entry time by 60-90%

Reduces overall costs by 50-80%

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InvOn processes your paper invoices, PDFs (received through a portal or email, regardless of the number of pages, the number of invoice lines, or their format), immediately integrates them with ERP, DMS, ECM (or others), and creates highly efficient workflows that provide you with essential and well-structured information. See the application’s functionalities.

Automatic document processing
Sending documents to the accounting program
Compatibility with any accounting program (SAP, Dynamics 365, Navision, WinMentor, NexusERP, Pluriva, NextUp, Saga, etc.)
Types of processed documents:
Bank statements
Order confirmations
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The Benefits of the InvOn Application

Save Time and Money

Reduce processing time and automate repetitive tasks

Simple and Easy to Use

Learn to use the program in less than an hour

Speed and Accuracy

Achieve speed and accuracy in the automated processing of invoices

Intelligent Technology

It has an intelligent recognition server capable of interpreting real-time information and relevant fields from an invoice

Automatically Eliminates Errors

It's a highly accurate application that eliminates data entry errors by up to 95%

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The application that helps you digitalize your business faster than you think!

Thanks to the high-quality technology we use and our experience of over 5 years and millions of processed invoices, we can offer you high-quality document recognition.

Behind the Process


How are Invoices Collected?

The invoice automation process begins with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Paper invoices are scanned and digitized, while electronic invoices (PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, etc.) are ready for immediate interpretation. The capture solution reads and interprets all types of invoices, regardless of appearance or number of pages.


Automatic Validation and Correction

Validation occurs after the invoice data is processed. During validation, the information on the invoice is checked against invoice rules: incorrect data undergo an automatic correction process, resulting in improved data accuracy.


Manual Correction

Data with errors, after the automatic correction process, are flagged for manual correction by the user. Simple correction operations can be performed in the program's interface. After the data is corrected, it is ready to be sent to ERP, DMS, ECM, or the accounting program.


Data Export

After validation and correction, whether automatic or manual, the data is transmitted to ERP or the accounting program through specific interfaces.