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Regardless of the size of your business, we offer personalized digitalization solutions using RPA, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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Why should you digitalize your business?

Digital transformation, or digitalization, is integrated into every aspect of society, including enterprises, government, healthcare, media, science, and more. Digitalization has become a growth engine for every company. The global phenomenon of business digitalization is bringing about fundamental changes in how companies operate and how they provide value to their customers.

The Benefits of Digitalization

You save resources

Using digital documents helps you save time and money. You no longer need storage space, and you don't have to archive or manually sort documents.

You gain more time

Working with digital documents means that information is entered automatically, reducing processing time by up to 10 times. And if you receive a high volume of electronic documents from your partners, the processing time can be reduced by as much as 100 times.

You eliminate costly processing errors

Automated document processing eliminates human errors and significantly improves accuracy. When errors are reduced, the associated costs of identifying and correcting them are also reduced.

You improve the experience of your suppliers

Effective collaboration involves quick, error-free, and efficient actions, values that can be threatened by manual processes. Automated document processing allows you to provide the information your suppliers need in a timely manner, with a high level of accuracy, and in a personalized manner.

You increase data security

You don't need to worry about the vulnerability of your information when working with digital documents. Our applications provide high security, which means you can protect the data the way you want.

What we offer you


Automatically processes invoices and sends them to the accounting/ERP program.

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Automatically reconciles bank statements and courier and payment processor receipts.

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Document Management

Automates the storage and processing of documents quickly and securely.

Dynamic Business

CRM-ERP software application designed for automating and streamlining processes within the company.


Automates repetitive tasks and improves the efficiency of your business.
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With the help of the InvOn software app, we have managed to implement an integrated and efficient workflow for the automated retrieval and uploading of documents. We were pleasantly impressed by the availability, flexibility, and professionalism with which you approached each stage of the implementation.

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