ADD Technology

What is ADD and what does it do?

ADD (Adaptive Document Data Recognition) is a unique technology for recognizing the shape of a document, developed by DigiSinergy, using a set of specific algorithms. Based on the document's shape and using short learning processes that are easily performed by an operator, ADD extrapolates information and adapts to new situations it encounters, successfully identifying the information correctly.

With information structured in various specific areas of a document (header, body, footer, etc.), ADD recognizes each area and extracts the necessary information. Together with Polco technology, ADD adapts to multi-page documents, even if they have different shapes, managing to select the required information. It excels in reading lines of information from documents, even if they have layout differences. Moving from one page to another poses no problem for ADD, even if the pages do not have identical layouts. ADD eliminates all waste that does not contain information, adapting to each page and even to lines of information that span multiple pages.

Main Features

Processes multi-page documents with different shapes and information blocks, even if the information spans multiple pages

Ignores areas that do not contain important information, even if they overlap with information zones

Processes documents that contain characters written in different sizes and fonts