Blue Machine Technology

What is Blue Machine and what does it do?

Blue Machine is a unique technology based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, developed by DigiSinergy. Using specific algorithms, Blue Machine can add certain information contained in a list to a set of data extracted from a document (or existing in any other way).

It is an AI-powered machine that learns from the operator or historical data, subsequently taking over the operator's tasks and adding necessary fields to each line of information.

What is Blue Machine used for?

  • Blue Machine learns from each operator's intervention, alerts the operator when their behavior changes, but adapts to the new behavior upon the operator's instruction.
  • It can be used in workflows with two levels of competence: level 1 and level 2. If the information entered by level 1 is corrected by level 2, the next time level 1 makes an incorrect entry, Blue Machine will signal the operator, thus eliminating a new mistake. Blue Machine will, in turn, learn from the level 1 operator to input data correctly in line with the recommendations of the level 2 operator.
  • With technologies like Blue Machine, you can obtain precise data with much lower error rates than when using a human operator.