PolCo Technology

What is PolCo and what does it do?

PolCo is a unique technology for identifying a compact information area, developed by DigiSinergy, using a set of specific algorithms.

Based on reverse engineering of the document printing process, PolCo uses AI mechanisms to identify areas that contain related data, much like the human brain processes information when reading.

PolCo manages to combine all words based on similar characters and fonts into specific zones/groups.

Furthermore, PolCo can use user-defined polygonal shapes to group specific areas of a document, even if they are not adjacent, making it a much more powerful identification tool than the human eye.

With PolCo, a document can be immediately divided into independent areas, and each area can be processed specifically. PolCo accurately identifies areas containing information without mixing different information or content from adjacent areas.

Key Features

Separates the document into independent areas and processes a block of information even if it is written across multiple pages

Recognizes and filters important information while ignoring irrelevant data, even in areas where both types of information overlap

Processes documents that contain characters written in different sizes and fonts

For PolCo, identifying an article in a magazine is as easy as it is for the human eye.