CRM - the technology that keeps all contacts in order and keeps you close to your customers

The solution uses robots to maintain a permanent connection with customers or potential customers, completely automatically.


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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software application that helps you efficiently manage customer relationships and streamline sales processes.

Developed using cutting-edge technologies (AI, Machine Learning, RPA, etc.) and proprietary algorithms, the application helps you streamline the sales process, automate administrative tasks, and obtain valuable information about your customers.

Depending on the processes used, the application reduces working time by 70-95%, in many cases, fully automating processes and requiring no human intervention in 99% of the time.

Built around independent core modules, the application can be quickly and cost-effectively customized, giving it a major advantage over other similar applications.




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Automatic lead generation

Automatic invoicing

Robots for automatic late payment notifications

Sales forecasting - obtaining the corresponding cash flow

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