Frequently asked questions

InvOn helps you optimize your costs by entering invoice data. InvOn automatically enters approximately 95% of critical invoice information correctly for scanned invoices and 99.9% for native PDF invoices.

The application uses an invoice data verification system. This system is based on advanced algorithms thus having excellent results for verifying the correctness of the invoice. Error invoices are signaled to the user and are not transmitted to the ERP until the errors are corrected. The essential condition for the quality of the processing is that the invoices are well printed on laser or ink printers; for invoices printed on dot matrix printers the results vary, especially depending on the degree of wear of the ribbon.

The number of operators required depends on the number of documents you want to process automatically. These operators must correct the 0.01-5% of the erroneous fields, thus reducing by 95-99% the time allocated to entering the information. These operators do not have to have a special qualification, apart from working on the computer. However, in addition, you will need to allow time to scan documents and make templates. There are no specific operator requirements for scanning documents. To make the templates, the operator can be the same as for the correction, consuming only about 1 minute per template.

Yes, any type of document that has a well-defined topographic location.

InvOn will warn the operator in case of duplicates.

InvOn has two modes of operation: Automatic and with Template. You can opt for the Automatic mode and it is no longer necessary to make templates. You can opt for a mixed mode, Automatic and with Soap. Then, you have to keep in mind that, in general, a small number of suppliers will generate a large number of invoices. From current experience, 10% of suppliers generate 60% of invoices. Use Automatic mode for non-repetitive ones and Template mode for repetitive ones.

In Automatic mode you can extract a limited number of fields (essential ones). It is recommended for documents with good print quality. In Template mode it can extract any field from the invoice. Works well on documents with poorer print quality.

The flow of documents is very simple, constant in three simple steps:

-scanning documents (ADF) to a folder

– read all documents in the folder (one click)

– are transmitted to ERP by file export / import or by API

At this time, there is no worldwide OCR technology for handwriting recognition. Theoretically, on OCR technologies it is possible to recognize handwriting if it is the same writer (following a learning process), a condition that does not apply to invoices. The InvOn application has the possibility to use iOCR technology
if necessary.

InvOn is an on-premises application. All data related to the processed documents is on your servers / computers. However, the application accesses a licensing server in the cloud. The application transmits to this server only data regarding the validity of the license and the number of operations performed.

InvOn allows all the usual licensing modes: perpetual, annual without limit of use or depending on consumption.

In the cost-per-use licensing option, InvOn guarantees you a quick return on investment (2-3 months). Because the price is closely correlated with the cost reduction you get, in order to have a complete picture of the financial benefits of using InvOn you should estimate the current costs for entering the documents.

InvOn is addressed to those companies that want to follow the current trend of digital transformation. Purchasing such an application only makes sense if:

– You want to increase your client portfolio

– You want to increase the activity through diversification

– You want to specialize your staff in activities with higher added value, thus increasing the value of the company and implicitly of its employees

– Do you want to reduce staff costs (employment, specialization, motivation, retention, etc.)