About Us

Our Story

We are a commercial part integrated into the TARA Interactive group.

TARA has collaborated with clients and partners from Fortune 500 companies to startup entrepreneurs, presenting very powerful and innovative methodologies when it comes to software project delivery.

TARA’s motto over the years has been that we have never ceased to believe in business ethics based on quality, transparency, and customer-oriented management.

One of the key points of the companies operating under the TARA umbrella is the efficient management of resources and processes. We don’t sell software applications, but we excel in solving your problems, whether they involve identifying needs, auditing processes, or training your employees.

Our Vision

We are guided by perseverance and the desire to find customized solutions for your needs related to the digital transformation of your business and the interconnection of operational processes.

We are dedicated to significantly easing your workload through digitalization, helping you save financial and time resources, and minimizing the risk of errors. Achieving a common result in the most cost-effective way is our primary objective, in one word: synergy.

Our software-based RPA (Robotic Process Automation) products are backed by top technologies and a modern and intuitive interface. Their use reduces the stress that entrepreneurs and their staff allocate to time-consuming tasks (manual invoicing, manual payment tracking to suppliers, manual record-keeping of all procedures and business activities, etc.).

Because we are committed to helping you transform your business the way you desire, we are here to provide you with consultation throughout the digital transformation process, from implementation training to support and recommendations.