Automating HR Processes

We improve the efficiency of HR processes through automation


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The main impediment of back-office HR processes is the high volume of work, limiting the availability of HR professionals for high-impact strategic tasks and affecting productivity. With the help of RPA, automating HR processes significantly reduces the time and resources required for administrative tasks, allowing the HR team to focus on strategic aspects such as talent recruitment, staff development, and efficient employee relationship management.

Automating HR processes can streamline workflows, reduce human errors, improve the employee experience, and enhance business efficiency.

How RPA Can Help in HR Process Automation

Human resources (HR) processes involve repetitive tasks that can be automated using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. These tasks include recruiting and selecting staff, onboarding employees, processing payroll, managing employee data, and more.

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Recruitment Process Automation

RPA can help simplify the recruitment and onboarding process for new employees by creating user accounts, assigning credentials, sending relevant onboarding documents to new hires. It also automates the creation and sending of offer letters, ensuring compliance with company policies and legal regulations.

Regarding recruitment, RPA can collect and review candidates' CVs, comparing them to job requirements using predefined rules or machine learning capabilities.

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Operations to Support Current Employees

Automating HR processes brings significant benefits by improving efficiency and accuracy in employee-related activities.

RPA, coupled with OCR technology, can collect employees' travel expense receipts, extract the required data from the receipts, and individually verify expenses against company rules and external expense regulations.

It also automates payroll management, eliminating human errors. RPA can extract and aggregate the necessary data for performance evaluations, providing a holistic view of employees.

Additionally, it efficiently handles employee offboarding processes, generating departure documents, exit surveys, revoking system access, and processing final payments.