Sales Process Automation

Enhancing the efficiency of sales processes through automation

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In an increasingly competitive market with ever more complex customer demands, companies are searching for solutions to optimize their sales processes. Sales processes can be streamlined with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, which assists in reducing human errors, accelerating sales cycles, boosting sales team productivity, and enhancing customer relationships.

How can RPA help in Sales Process Automation

With the help of RPA robots, repetitive and time-consuming activities within the sales processes can be automated. Activities such as generating marketing reports for sales strategy development, processing and managing marketing emails, comparing competitor prices, managing orders, automatically issuing invoices, and many more can be automated.


Automation of Sales and Marketing Strategy

RPA robots can assist marketing teams in monitoring market trends and marketing campaign results, extracting data, identifying competitive prices and market segments, and generating reports.

RPA robots can be programmed to perform these tasks at specified intervals (for example, every two weeks), thereby providing marketers with a continuous stream of high-quality data.

Automation of Competitor Price Comparison

Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy where companies can marginally adjust prices in real-time relative to their competitors to gain a competitive advantage.

Businesses can use web scrapers that utilize RPA to automatically collect price information from competitors' websites and compare them to their own prices.

Automation of Order Management

RPA can be implemented within the order management cycle, automating various tasks such as collecting data from various sources for orders, checking inventory, estimating delivery times.

RPA robots can check if orders adhere to credit limits, automatically send payment notifications to customers, and retrieve customer data from different sources for inclusion on invoices.

Automation of Invoice Generation

Through RPA robots, recurring invoices can be automatically generated, such as those related to subscription contracts that involve billing the same amount at predefined dates. The robots can subsequently verify the invoice payment, and in case of non-payment on time, they can notify the customer.

RPA can automatically handle invoice calculations, including cases where a detailed assessment is required, such as in law firms that bill based on the number of hours worked by each team member. In this way, the robots can calculate the hours allocated by each team member and automatically issue the corresponding invoice.

Automation of Data Extraction for Reporting

Data extraction for report creation is a time-consuming activity.

This activity can be automated with the help of RPA robots, which can gather data from various platforms such as CRM systems, ERPs, social media accounts, etc., to automatically generate analysis reports.

Automation of Post-Sales Activities

Managing customer information and contract and subscription expiration dates can be a complex and time-consuming task, but with the help of RPA robots, this can be automated.

Robots can collect this data from the customer list and send automated notifications to customers one week before their subscriptions expire.